Prepare to be Amazed- 7,000 Square Feet of Pure Positive Energy

The most unique metaphysical experience in Dubuque has now more than doubled in size. Check out our selection of candles, over 60 varieties of incense, statuary, handmade pyramids, Orgonite, wands, song bowls, and so much more with new items arriving all of the time.

Incense and Incense Supplies

Looking for incense and incense supplies? Center of I Am has what you’re looking for. Stop in at our new location to see our wide selection of incense, incense burners and more.

Singing Bowls

The Power of Sound from a Singing Bowl.

Singing Bowls are actually a type of bell that vibrates and  produces a rich, resonant tone. They are also called Himalayan Bowls. Singing Bowls have been used in meditation, chants, and sound healing. The vibrations from a singing bowl can produce beneficial changes in a person by relaxing the body, stress reduction, and chakra alignment. We offer a wide selection of singing bowls at Center of I Am.

Handmade Pyramids

Handmade Pyramids are always working, never needs clearing or charging. Bring big positive changes into your life!
Contains Amethyst, Brookite, Azeztulite, Herkimer Diamond, Phenacite, Rhodizite, Rose Quartz, Tanzanite, and Herderite crystals, with copper to amplify their combined effects. Useful for manifesting abundance, chakra clearing, protection, and deep healing.