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Special Introductory Offer

1 Hour Session only $50

Center Of I Am is proud to offer sound healing private sessions. There is much to understand about this healing technique that has been around thousands of years. I will leave it up to you to research if interested. We will also incorporate other aspects to enhance the effect.

The reason this modality will be offered is because it is very powerful and everyone can benefit.  I have 20 years experience in understanding the need to release emotional trauma to allow the body to heal itself on all levels. All aspects of our lives will be bettor when we let go of the heavy burden that is causing us to be in a state of disharmony. It is important to understand that we are all being pulled down to some degree.

If you do not feel peace, gratitude, appreciation, harmony, happiness and love then a tune up emotionally will set you on that path.

Just as our car gets bogged down with sludge and needs an oil and filter change, so does our body get clogged up with negative emotions. Even if you feel wonderful all the time, you will feel an immediate benefit from a session. We will use crystal song bowls and a crystal pyramid.
Our facilitators will guide you through the process and also give you some meditation techniques to take home. You will sit in a chair and be able to relax, talking is not necessary.

The results are much faster than you would think. Your willingness to let go of emotions that no longer serve you will speed up the process greatly.

How does sound healing work? The answer is very well.

Everything is in vibration, thanks to the electron in constant motion. All vibration has a frequency, sound and color.  All sound and color has information. All information is either in harmony with health or it is not. All resonate information is stored on the DNA of all the trillions of our cells. This is why we are conceived with a vibratory blueprint of our parents, a cell from each. We then start our journey picking up emotions even in the womb. My experience has shown me that most of the shaping of the emotional life happens during our formative years as a child. This explains much of the life patterns that take place all throughout adulthood.

The healing sounds that we will play for you will vibrate all your cells with an OM frequency that will begin to erase the negative vibration, allowing the cells to vibrate with life giving force.  Our body has the ability to heal most everything if given the opportunity. Since everything we do in life has an emotional root, then if stands to reason that this is the place to start.

Sessions will be 60-120 minutes depending on your preference.