Center of I Am is very proud of this roster of well qualified facilitators. Although their offerings range from psychological to physical – even spiritual, the one commonality is this heart centered approach to being of service to the community and their clients. 

If you teach or have a service you feel would be a good fit for Center of I Am, please contact us at the bottom of this page.

Psychic Medium


Melissa Culbertson

Melissa is a Psychic Medium who was born and raised in Dubuque. A mother of two boys and a wife. As a young child she had visitations by spirit and could also predict and feel things that would happen before they happened. Throughout her childhood, she felt a deep connection to a higher being. As a Christian, Melissa uses this gift to help others heal, find self love and restore faith. Melissa prays for each client before meeting with them. During a reading you will not only experience validating points from loved ones. Melissa asks that they will help give you messages that you need to hear for healing and clarity. She offers group and one on one self help classes as well.

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*Up to two people

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Jerry and Nancy Trowbridge
Offering Tai Chi in Chen, Sun, and Yang styles.

Jerry was appointed as a Chen style Tai Chi instructor in 1998, and was Certified in the Sun style Tai Chi by Dr. Paul Lam in 2003. He has also trained with Grandmaster Xia Wang, the current head of the Chen family. Jerry and Nancy truly enjoy being able to help participants experience the flow of energy that Tai Chi can bring through the body; leading to greater awareness, calmness, and an overall sense of wellness.  


Debbie Potter
Empathy offering sound healing with individuals or group.

Debbie was introduced to sound healing over 7 years ago. This experience led to a deeper exploration of the medium through which she discovered her innate intuitive and emphatic gifts of healing. Through the process she opened her emphatic abilities to energize holding space for healing. She initially practiced Reiki 1 and 2 for 3 years but continued to be drawn to the facilitation of sound healing as the medium of healing she was meant to share.

lisa hefel

Lisa Hefel
Offering sound healing sessions and tuning fork sessions with individuals or groups.

Lisa embraces her inner light and shines vibrantly by loving and supporting others, being of service and creating positivity in the world. She has a passion for knowledge and shares it with others, teaching them oneness and connection with their true divine spirit.

Lisa has been on her spiritual path for 7 years now. She was a dedicated committee member and co-creator of The Woven Path 4-Day Holistic Retreat. A helper at her first gathering of The Initiation of the Angels Event where she received the attunements to the Eight Seals of the Shekinah under the leadership of theta healer, Stephanie L., and Robbie Nicolai.

She completed the Divine Masculine Course and received those nine attunements and attended the Children of Light 4 Day-Conference all under the leadership and teachings of Dr. Joesph Crane.

Lisa is currently a facilitator for individual group sound healing sessions including her new tuning forks sessions which is healing through the sound vibration of tuning forks. 

She is also a partner in teaching Yoga/Chakra in her hometown where she talks to the class about the Chakra colors, incorporates Chakradance and gives attunements with her tuning forks. 

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