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Center of I Am is very proud of this roster of well qualified facilitators. Although their offerings range from psychological to physical – even spiritual, the one commonality is this heart centered approach to being of service to the community and their clients.

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Melissa Culbertson
Psychic Medium

Melissa is a Psychic Medium who was born and raised in Dubuque. A mother of two boys and a wife. As a young child she had visitations by spirit and could also predict and feel things that would happen before they happened. Throughout her childhood, she felt a deep connection to a higher being. As a Christian, Melissa uses this gift to help others heal, find self love and restore faith. Melissa prays for each client before meeting with them. During a reading you will not only experience validating points from loved ones. Melissa asks that they will help give you messages that you need to hear for healing and clarity. She offers group and one on one self help classes as well.

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30 minutes  $90.00 (click here)
60 Minutes  $175.00 (click here)
*Up to two people


Jerry and Nancy Trowbridge
Offering Tai Chi in Chen, Sun, and Yang styles.

Jerry was appointed as a Chen style Tai Chi instructor in 1998, and was Certified in the Sun style Tai Chi by Dr. Paul Lam in 2003. He has also trained with Grandmaster Xia Wang, the current head of the Chen family. Jerry and Nancy truly enjoy being able to help participants experience the flow of energy that Tai Chi can bring through the body; leading to greater awareness, calmness, and an overall sense of wellness.  

joe gauthier pic

Joe Gauthier
Professional Astrologer

Joe Gauthier is a professional astrologer with over 10 years of experience. He uses the Tropical zodiac and the Placidus house system in his methodology. Joe’s main astrological focus is interpreting birth charts as well as relationship charts and he specializes in predictive astrological techniques. For predictive work he looks at the upcoming planetary “Transits” as well as “Progressions” to see what is on the horizon for his clients and the major life trends they are going through. For relationships charts he looks at all of the planetary angles between two people, as well as making a combined chart for the relationship to see the dynamics that are playing out and how to overcome any challenges or take advantage of areas of compatibility.

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Full birth chart and prediction reading:
$90 – 90 minutes (click here)

Essentials of the birth chart and major upcoming trends:
$60 – 60 minutes (click here)

Lightning Reading:
$30 – 30 minutes (click here)

Add a relationship reading to any of the above readings:
$30 – 30 minutes extra (Must have birth information of the other person)

Full couples reading:
$200 – 2.5 hours (click here)
(Includes individual chart readings for each person)

Morgan Noel
Crystals, Sound Healing, Tarot & Oracle Reading

I began my spiritual journey in 2018 when I was introduced to crystals, Sound Healing, and divination, and I absolutely fell in love. I discovered how much I enjoy tapping into my intuitive abilities to best understand what clients need and how I can help them. My goal is to leave people feeling like they are truly happy, whole, and healing. I am constantly learning and developing my spiritual abilities so that although I am younger and newer to the community, I can still provide those who come to me with an enlightening and spiritual experience. I am truly grateful for all those I am fortunate enough to meet along my journey, and I look forward to making connections and healing with all who join me. 

Available M-F by appointment- please check with me to confirm appointment time will work. 

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Add ons: 

Tarot and Oracle readings – $10.00 – $15.00 
(1-3 card pulls are $10, 4+ are $15) Choose any spread you like.

Essential oils – $5.00


Stacy Meyer
Sound Healing, Reiki 1 & 2, Crystal Mastery

Stacy is an energetic and passionate healer. She started her journey as a solitary Wiccan, exploring every area and modality. Her love of Crystals leads her to become a Crystal Healer. Over the last 5 year, she has become certified in many holistic and sound Healing areas. Including Crystals therapy, Chakra balancing & cleansing, Crystal Pendulum work, Aura cleansing.  

After her first Gong bath, she learned how to combine the power of Crystals with the Vibrational healing power of sound. With certifications in Gongs, Drums, Tibetan Bowls and Crystal Singing bowls. Her therapy sessions become customizable to the individual and what they are in need of.  

Music and sound have always been a way to cope with the anxieties of life and sound healing not only allows practitioners to heal themselves, it also allows us to help and heal others. 

Help others to explore their inner self and to feel the healing powers of the earth is an amazing experience for anyone. Being part of a healing journey is to be a part of a solution to the pains and obstacles one faces. 

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Crystal Class
$20.00 – 1 hour .(click here)

Sound Healing
$50.00 – 1 hour (click here)

Crystal Therapy & Chakra Balancing
$45.00 – 30 minutes (click here)

Chrystal Therapy & Chakra Balancing
$80.00 – 1 hour (click here)

Personalized Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy
$90.00 – 1 hour (click here)

Spiritual Counseling & Solution Insight
$20.00 – 30 minutes (click here)


Debbie Potter
Empathy offering sound healing with individuals or group.

Debbie was introduced to sound healing over 7 years ago. This experience led to a deeper exploration of the medium through which she discovered her innate intuitive and emphatic gifts of healing. Through the process, she opened her emphatic abilities to energize holding space for healing.

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Sound Healing
1st introduction – $50.00 (click here)
Follow-ups – $65.00

Cosmic light, sound bowls, chimes

1 hour – $60.00

Light Language Activation

1 hour  private Sound Healing gong bath
$50.00 (click here)

1 hour private Sound Healing gong bath Venues
$25.00 each person with a group of 15-20 people
*Additional Light Language Activation $25.00 a person In group setting at venue.

*I will be offering Reiki and Sound Healing for requests for home visits to people and pets

1 hour Reiki – $75.00
1 hour Sound Healing$60.00

*Optional to mix service for different packages of service as requested.

1 hour private Sound Healing Gong bath
1 person $50.00
2 people $65.00
What is Light Language?

As I sat quietly meditating I felt a surge of energy rush through me. Trying to sit still as my breath and awareness felt this new flow of energy come surging within my being. Ah Kundalina awakening I felt this was awakening within me. When my hands and my voice started moving and talking a Language I did understand at that moment. More of feeling and sensing, knowing beyond words for me. Bringing me back to a knowing. Also felt an energy signature moving about, around me as I explored this higher conscious of myself. When I do light Language I feel a balance of my own energy my heart chakra expands with a knowing. Utilizing energy from a higher aspect of self May be Angelica, Galactic, interdimensional, fairies, whales, dolphins so on. We all have it within us it is remembering who we truly are …. Love.