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Setting Intentions in Clay: An Astrological Bead-Making Workshop

Center of I Am

We believe in everyone’s unique potential to change, grow and live with intention.

We believe that our beads have the power to encourage, inspire and transform— so that everyone may live a life of intention, your unique goals, prayers, and desires.  Join astrologer and clay alchemist, Sandy Rueve for a hands on, group experience  dedicated to setting your personal intention – in clay talisman form! Using your personal astrological data and harnessing the power of the current astrological trends, Sandy will bring the stars down to earth through easy to understand terminology and mythology. You are then guided to create your own raw, clay talisman along with a personal affirmation to jumpstart your vision.  Take home your sacred talisman and keep your intentions inspired, empowered, and ready for action!  Charts are read and explored … get in the hot seat by signing up for your personal deep dive/take a closer look into your astrological makeup.

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Time: 3-hours (allow +1.5 hours for set-up/break-down)


·         Astrologically chosen topic

·         Bead talisman (in charm form or necklace form)

·         Natal chart

·         Typed/handwritten/oral summary of chart

·         Meditation

·         Talisman Ceremony

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